In a short, very simplified answer no.

I’ll never forget when I first started dripping, I was using a mod called the Natural, it was a basic stainless steel mech with a side firing button (that loved to get really hot), it could run an 18350,18490, or an 18650. It was simple not much to it, on top of the natural I ran an RDA called an Igo-L, the Igo had a 2 post design with 1 tiny air hole that couldn’t be any bigger than 1 mm in diameter. I built using silica rope as my wick and 28 ga Kanthal, and I built single coils with spaced coils. It was a learning process, there was much frustration, much trial and error, and after reading some online forums, much use of a drill to get better airflow, after all that I finally got building down pretty good, and the hit I got was unmatched by any ego style available at the time.

The point is even in dripping’s infantile stages we got good hits, we got satisfying hits. Were we winning any cloud contests? No, but we were satisfied. I’ve worked in the vaping industry behind a retail counter and even higher up in companies for the past 3 years, I’ve watched technologies change drastically, and with those changes the way that we vape has changed. Mods got bigger, wattages got higher, battery ratings got better, builds got crazier, and average nicotine levels got lower. I remember when I first started vaping the Darwin mod, a 12 watt device, was the thing to have, now its the DNA 200, a chip capable of 200 watts and so many levels of customizability that it’ll make your head spin.

It’s crazy to me to be a part of an every changing world like vaping, to watch the newest thing come and in less than a month be replaced by something newer yet, and in all the craziness there is enjoyment. People love to vape, they enjoy it, they enjoy the idea of having something in common with a complete stranger, they enjoy the camaraderie, and 9 times out of 10 they enjoy to tinker. That is why the vaping world will never stop changing, because as long as there are vapors there will always be the newest best thing, and we will always want to tinker with it.

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