The Heating Element

(aka; atomizer, cartomizer)

The purpose of the heating element is to turn your eliquid (see below) into vapor. The heating element of the electronic cigarette is disposable. This is good to keep in mind when making a purchase and trying to figure out which one is right for you. It’s not permanent. Try them all.

Certain styles of heating elements last longer than others. There are many different ways to vaporize your e-liquid. Most kits will ship with one or several of either a cart/cartridge, carto/cartomizer or atty/atomizer – or a combination of the three.

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Most Commonly Used Types of Heating Elements:


Great For: Flavor once broken in, vapor, trying new juices easily. Disliked by some because of the need to drip/re-fill after every 5-7 drags. A decent atomizer is going to provide the best flavor out of most any other heating element options. Atomizers come in different varieties/sizes. The 510 is a common choice to vapors, as it will fit anything from an eGo on up to most mods on the market. One of the “must haves” in my opinion is an “LR” atomizer. LR, or Low-resistance, provides a warmer and heavier vape that simulates higher voltage vaping. The lifespan of an atomizer can be a few days if you are unlucky, and over a month if you have better luck. While there are stories of someone using their atomizer for many months, my guess is that the average is around 21 days. You can find Joye 510 atomizers for around $5-$8 a pop, give or take.


Holds more juice so that you aren’t having to direct drip as much. Most cartos mute the flavor of the juice/e-liquid to a degree, when compared to an atomizer. Cartos typically last 3-4 days, while some users can get more from them, the flavor and airiness will diminish if you push your carto past its prime. Cartomizers are often sold in 5 to a pack for generally $5-$10.


RDA stands for rebuildable deck atomiser, and what this means is simple: you build your own coils, using wire and cotton on a deck, which is housed inside the tank.

What do I mean by coils? Again, simple: these are what make vaping possible, when used in conjunction with cotton and E Juice, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

A coil, once constructed or installed, has a resistance, shown in Ohms, and this, when combined with a mod, is what effectively creates and powers the entire vaping experience.


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