What is e-Liquid?

Call it e-liquid, E-juice, Vape juice or joose even – but without it, there is no point in the rest. The E-liqud is quite simple compared to the list of ingredients in a cigarette, or analog. Electronic cigarette/PV juice will usually consist of VG, PG, flavoring and optional amounts of nicotine that go down to zero. PG/Propylene Glycol is a common ingredient used in a wide range of home and medical applications ranging from baking, skin products, nebulizers and much more. VG/Vegetable Glycerin is a natural base derived from plant oils. PG is known for carrying flavor better, while VG is known for more vapor. Your perfect vape might likely be a mixture of the two, like many vendors offer.

While there are many ecigs that come with pre-filled cartomizers, “pre-filled” are typically not preferred over the myriad of fill-your-own juice possibilities that are out there. Most ecig users tend to try various sample sized bottles of E-liqud to find the ones that suit them. Taste is subjective, and there are so many flavor options.

E-liqud can be made to include nicotine, or without – and anywhere in-between. You can buy various flavors that you would never purchase in a cigarette. A lot of vapers choose to stay away from the tobacco flavored E-liqud as to not remind them of a cigarette, pipe or cigar. Some shy away from tobacco flavored vapes because it’s a hard juice to make well without it tasting like an ashtray. Either way, there are great tobacco flavored E-liqud, and there is also nothing like tasting a key lime pie, or southern caramel mocha-chino in your vapor. Experiment with your taste buds, and remember “sample size” until you find the vendors and E-liqud that work for you.

Many vendors sell 5-10ml sample sized bottles that are great for testing flavors. Do not buy large bottles until you know that you like the juice, even if everyone else likes it – you may not.

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