The Ecig Battery

(A size for every need, from casual to heavy)

The ecig battery can range in size, power and stamina.  While some ecig users like to start with the smaller, cigarette looking ecig battery, many find that the smaller ecig battery do not have the power to provide satisfying vapor. In addition, typically the smaller ecig battery will have to be recharged after 2-3 hours of heavy use. It is widely preached in the ecig community that you always get backups for everything ecig – so with backups, you’ll need more than a few smaller ecig battery. For those wanting to get closer to a day of moderate to heavy use out of your electronic cigarette, an “eGo” style ecig battery at 1000MaH is suggested to start out on. In addition to longer battery life, you will be able to test and use a variety of heating elements with a somewhat larger ecig battery such as the Joye eGo vs. the smaller cigarette “look-a-like” stick ecig battery

In the quest to find the perfect vape, ecig users have adapted a variety of shapes,  sizes and functionality into their personal vaporizer. I strongly urge that you try to get the idea that “it needs to look like a cigarette” out of your head. The “best” devices of today come in all shapes and sizes. This is usually for performance in either bigger ecig battery, or technology such as variable voltage or wattage.

The ecig battery is going to be the key component of your ecig or PV.
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