The Guide To Electronic Cigarettes 101 – And Then Some

You’ve heard about electronic cigarettes. Chances are you might have tried one in hopes to find a better alternative to smoking. Maybe you are just curious at the thought of a better nicotine delivery system. I’m betting some of you reading this will be looking for answers as to why your truck-stop/kiosk/affiliate-ad purchase isn’t performing well.

We’ve all been at square one, and sometimes it’s hard to wade through the BS. eCigs and personal vaporizers are really quite simple to understand once you have one in your hand. Add in a few good articles and it should make sense. Since we’ve all had the same questions at some point, I’m going to cover the bulk of what you might need to know when starting your “transition”, if you will. Let’s break down the components and discuss some of the pros and cons to some of the common items you’ll be purchasing when transforming into a non-smoking “vaper”.