Mako War II


the Mako War V2 is a stainless steel, three-piece constructed, competition-style RDA, but with some amazing new features. The deck now boasts an even deeper juice well (6mm), a PEEK insulator, and the holes on the 24K gold-plated posts have increased to 2.5mm on the negatives and 3mm on the positive to accommodate a wider range of builds. The positive post is also adjustable by tightening the tarnish-proof, 24K gold-plated contact, preventing any spinning. The Mako War V2 is armed with a massive, cyclops-style adjustable airflow (3mm x 11mm), a built in delrin drip tip insulator for optimal heat dissipation, a true wide bore tip, and the “Chuff Style” drip top now features AFC to regulate the huge airflow.