Demon Killer 8 In 1 Coils


Demon Killer 8 in 1 coils Pre-built Wires Clapton Coil, Flat Twisted Coil, Mix Twisted Coils, Alien Coils, Tiger Coils, Hive Coils, Quad Coils and Fused Clapton Coils.


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Each Box Contain, 48 pcs coil.  the list is:

6 pcs   Clapton coil    0.85ohm
6 pcs   Hive Coil        0.5ohm
6 pcs   Tiger Coil       0.36ohm
6 pcs   Quad Coil        0.36ohm
6 pcs   Flat Twisted Coil      0.36ohm
6 pcs   Mix Twisted Coil     0.45ohm
6 pcs   Fused Clapton Coil   0.45ohm
6 pcs   Alien Clapton Coil   0.45ohm